Abano Terme and Beauty Spa treatments, with specific and exclusive programs, designed by our wellness center and created to guarantee rejuvenation, wrinkles smoothing and relaxation. All is performed by the experienced, skilled and qualified staff, which uses only unique products.

One of the best secrets is precisely the use of a new cosmetic line, that comes from years of experience in dermatology and cosmetology in Abano. Furthermore, the incomparable mix of every product includes and contains natural elements and active principles, such as Abano Hypert-hermal water and mud, neuropeptides, phospholipid matrix, cyclodextrins and emulsifiers. Thank to the special ingredientsand their benefits, you will relax with a facial cleansing and moisturizing, that may be nourishing, anti-wrinkle, sensitive skin, restructuring and intensive.

For the body we recommend bio-cosmetic massages with salt or algae, firming and anti cellulite packages, as well as bandages and steam bath cave sessions with vapours and chromo-therapy. The Abano Terme Spa cares and beauty procedures are also dedicated to men, who may carry out for example the all-body peeling. Each program is held and executed in a relaxed, pleasant, enveloping ambiance.

Facial Treatments 

In the Abano Spa the excellence meets innovation, because the adopted cosmetics are a real novelty born on the territory, where the many years of practice in dermatology and cosmetology is combined with the cultural and scientific analysis of the Universities. The result is an absolutely natural tool for the facial cleansing in the Abano Spa and the numerous types of possible actions: moisturizing, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, sensitive epidermis, restorative vitamins, Hydroteam for deep facial hydration, HydroVitamin for a regenerating effect, Sourgin Touch with Hyaluronic acid, anti-aging Botox-like lifting-tensor. Spa facial treatments also for men, with the purifying face treatment with Depur, designed for men’s skin, usually thicker and rich in sebaceous glands. Each sort of Spax program is performed by our staff, a group of experts who can count on a great experience in this sector. The organic cosmetic line used benefit from the Abano hyper thermal water. All that remains to do is to choose among the Spa treatments the most suitable type of approach for you.

Body Treatments

The bio cosmetics, the super moisturizing, the saline draining, with the hydromassage improved with Dead Sea salts or with the algae, the bio-cosmetic firming, the anti-cellulite or the cupping technique TuinNa, Abano body cares that permit you to live a quiet life in a paradisiacal oasis. We have various types of bandages: invigorating cold with gingko-biloba, ending with the ion-bandages. Finally do not forget the Spa experience in the steam bath cave with aromatherapy, where in addition to the relaxing psychophysical effect, induced by heat, we see how this will help to improve the efficiency of the cardio-circulatory, immune, metabolic, respiratory, osteo-articular and musculotendineous systems. All in an intimate, friendly, familiar ambiance and at the same time modern and cutting-edge Spa, unique in its kind, able to convey pleasurable sensations for your body, inducing a sense of relaxation throughout the body.

Intensive Treatments

The Hydroteam that deeply moisturizes and nourishes is based on a moisturizing triad composed of Aloe Vera gel, Fitobroside and Sericin. The active substances are pushed in depth by the occlusive action of the mask with alginates, derived from mineralized sea extracts. The produced effects is the relaxation of the somatic traits and a more marked humidification of the epithelial tissue, which restores tone and firmness. The Surgic Touch with Hyaluronic acid pursues the visage rejuvenation, giving a stronger long-term hydration. The anti-aging botox effect acts on the subcutaneous muscles determining a significant reduction in the degree of contractility, reducing wrinkles, leading to a greater density. It is Abano intensive remedy, suitable for those that are running a program of Spa treatments consisting of continuous sessions.

Aesthetic Treatments

All types of aesthetic treatments, performed by a professional staff, are created to allow your body to benefit from the combined action of high-quality products. The Abano Spa cosmetic line is obtained by combining decades of experience in this sector with well-founded scientific approaches in the academic research. Here is how the facial cleansing programs take shape as well as bio-cosmetic and sensitive skins aesthetic treatments, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle, Hydro-vitamin or super-hydrating and thermal massage, with a final hydro-massage bath with Dead Sea salts or algae, anti-cellulite and the cupping technique TuinNa. We could continue with the invigorating cold bandaging enriched with ginkgo-biloba, with a specific draining or firming serum and another one similar treatment accomplished with the Equipment for the Venushia electrostimulation. Besides these, there is also space for the special cares developed to respond to a growing and strong need in the world of men, interested at the same time in their appearance and in a psycho-physical balance.

Hotel President Terme 5* | Abano Terme | ♕ Our Restaurant

♕ Our Restaurant

The dining room, charming and elegant, is the perfect setting for lunches and gala dinners in Abano. It offers a great selection of gourmet menus, full of typical elements of the well-mixed Venetian tradition with international dishes.
Hotel President Terme 5* | Abano Terme | ❤ Our rooms

❤ Our rooms

The decor simplicity, the colors, the stylistic choices in the use of materials and the composition of the room allow you to stay in a pleasant and embracing universe.

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