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Hotel President Terme 5 *****

Via Montirone, 31, 35031 Abano Terme (Italy)

The President, 5 stars Spa Hotel, is conveniently located in the territory and this allows you to quickly reach some of the places of greatest cultural, artistic and landscape interest. In approximately one hour by car we can move to special locations full of testimonies of the past, or with masterpieces of the nature. Venice, with its canals, Saint Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, Correr and Peggy Guggenheim museums, venues and shopping streets. Padua captures with the old University of Bo’, the Anatomical Theatre, the Scrovegni Chapel and the botanical garden. The opera and show lovers certainly will not wish to miss a temple of this kind: Verona Arena.


Euganean Hills

The Euganean hillock has a volcanic origin and rise, almost like an archipelago, from the Po-Veneto valley, a few kilometers southwest of Padua. Inside the Euganean area there is the first regional Park in the region, established in 1989.


Is just 10 minutes from the Hotel. The city offers numerous opportunities of entertainment with a cultural and recreational character. Among these here there is the old University of Bo’ founded in 1222, that perfectly conserves the historic Anatomical Theatre; Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel next to the vibrant atmosphere of the medieval squares; venues and events that make justified its international popularity.


Venice offers numerous attractive contexts, enriching and artistic areas of great impact. We start with a classic: Piazza San Marco, with the characteristic pigeons, the venues and the stylish bars, the old buildings that overlook the impressive square. Here arises the Basilica, gold-colored and with mosaics that narrate the town past, with the four bronze horses placed on the main door.

Arquà Petrarca

Arquà Petrarca is a medieval village less than half an hour drive from the President Terme, a 5 stars Hotel in Abano. It lies at the foot of Piccolo and Ventolone Mounts, on the Euganean Hills. It is included in the circuit “The most beautiful villages in Italy” and amazes the visitor first of all for the historic center, well maintained and well-finished, on which is located Palazzo Marolla, realized in the Venetian Gothic Style and another building of the XIV century. The Arcipetrale Church of Santa Maria, built around the year 1000, it is embellished with several paintings, including “The Ascension” by Palma il Giovane. Arquà, Veneto and history.


Holiday and relax in this small location, the only hamlet in the municipality of Galzignano Terme, situated at the foot of Gallo and Orbieso Mountains and less than fifteen kilometres from the President, Hotel 5 stars in Abano. The emblem of Valsanzibio is the charming Villa Barbarigo, in the past can also reachable, by navigating the Venice canals. Particularly appealing is its Park, that covers 15 hectares, defining a typical example of seventeenth-century symbolic garden. Inside there is a complex system characterized by seventy statues, today still in good conditions, as well as a dense network of paths that carry us up to lakes, streams, ponds, hornbeam’s gallery, boxwood labyrinth.

Venetian Villas

Venetian villas tours in Veneto, fabulous holidays and days dedicated to the discovery with the visit to some of the 4.300 manor houses built between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, in the Veneto and in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Containing statues, luxuriant and secular parks, works of great artists, the villas have about 500 unparalleled frescoes.


Vicenza Veneto tours and cultural stays in one of the most beautiful cities of the region, listed as a UNESCO heritage site. It is a city of high historic value, thanks to the presence of so many works designed by Andrea Palladio in the late Renaissance.

Hotel President Terme 5 | Abano Terme | ❤ Our rooms

❤ Our rooms

The decor simplicity, the colors, the stylistic choices in the use of materials and the composition of the room allow you to stay in a pleasant and embracing universe.
Hotel President Terme 5 | Abano Terme | ♕ Our Restaurant

♕ Our Restaurant

The dining room, charming and elegant, is the perfect setting for lunches and gala dinners in Abano. It offers a great selection of gourmet menus, full of typical elements of the well-mixed Venetian tradition with international dishes.