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is the perfect setting for lunches and gala dinners

Our Restaurant

Abano Dietary Restaurant

Abano Terme restaurant, one of the jewels of the President Terme, 5 stars Hotel. The on-site dining room, harmonious and elegant, is the perfect setting for lunches and gala dinners. Available there is a great selection of gourmet menus, full of typical and well-mixed elements of the Venetian tradition with international dishes. High-class products and natural seasonal ingredients, together with the skilled chefs and an extensive wine list, are the principal features of a particularly fine service. Without a surcharge is possible to have at your disposal an appropriate food suitable for intolerance problems, prescribed by our medical specialist.

[During the evenings a jacket would be appreciated for dinner].

The Abano Terme restaurantplays an important role as part of our philosophy, because it helps to make it even more impeccable programs dedicated to the well-being. The Abano restaurant staff can do all of these things by offering recipes that at the same time captivate the attention of the most refined palates guaranteeing a product absolutely recommended for our health.

Pool-Grill Restaurant

The Pool-Grill Restaurant, a charming and informal spot, is located outside of the facility. It is the ideal place for those in search of an alternative solution in Abano, equally stylish, where you can try the true pleasure of the excellent dishes. In couple, alone, with the family or friends you can spend pleasant moments around the pool, consuming a refined and delicious lunch with a dietary program.

Our chefs have defined a high level offer with a varied selection of food and wine of Abano, dietary courses but capable of a perfect balance between taste and aesthetics. Simultaneously they are able to propose appealing dietary recipes and impeccable as far as regards the healthy aspect. Particularly rich are the appetizers, as well as first and main-courses that combines the sublime flavors with the simplicity.

Taste & Shape

The Abano Terme dietary restaurant of the President Terme, 5 star Hotel, located in the city center, is a reality with unique features in its kind, because it manages to perfectly mix the pursuit of taste with needs and benefits. A goal pursued through the demanding and continuous work of a copious and heterogeneous staff in the facility, with expert chefs on the front line for the right Abano dietary plan. Their ability to combine high quality ingredients with those that are the parameters to be followed for a proper nutrition, allows offering to the public impeccable dishes from all points of view.

The task of the team is to serve courses that ensure the continuation of the dietary schedule started with the interview with our specialists and continuing with treatments and specific Abano Terme dietary programs. Everything can be achieved with a deep commitment, a constant attention and respecting the rules. In the Abano Terme restaurant we use gastronomic raw materials, that meet the seasonal trend, in order to achieve a total balance: that one between tastes and health. One of the pillars of good living lies in the correct nutritional habits.


Abano Terme tastings at the on-site and Pool Grill restaurants at the President Terme, that organizes periodic meetings with the best of foods and winestradition of the regional and Italian territory. If one of the objectives of the Abano Terme restaurant and the entire structure is to ensure a menu with courses respecting the healthy aspect, it is also true that this can only be achieved by choosing and selecting fresh ingredients.

So here we have the importance of the unmissable Abano Terme tastings. The Hotel restaurant, during the tastings, give way to some symbols of our land, including the many Venetian Slow Foodprojects. We remember the richness and flavour of dairy products, with Aged Asiago, Monte Veronese di Malga, Grappa Morlacco cheese. Passing through the cold cuts with Stortina and Oca in onto.

The species and the farm animals are well suited to the preparation of delicious recipes: lamb of Alpago and Padua hen. We continue with cereals, flours and legumes: rice of Grumolo, biancoperla corn, ancient barley and Giàlet bean from the Belluno valleys. Abano tastings not to be missed vegetables and dried fruits: the violet artichoke of Sant’Erasmo, Belfiore apple and Lessinia misso pear.

Hotel President Terme 5 | Abano Terme | ❤ Our rooms

❤ Our rooms

The decor simplicity, the colors, the stylistic choices in the use of materials and the composition of the room allow you to stay in a pleasant and embracing universe.
Hotel President Terme 5 | Abano Terme | ♕ Our Restaurant

♕ Our Restaurant

The dining room, charming and elegant, is the perfect setting for lunches and gala dinners in Abano. It offers a great selection of gourmet menus, full of typical elements of the well-mixed Venetian tradition with international dishes.

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