Our Restaurant

is the perfect setting for lunches and gala dinners

Our Restaurant

The wide choice of gourmet dishes comes from the perfect symbiosis of elements typical of the Venetian tradition with the delicacies of international dishes.

The high quality products and natural seasonal ingredients, in the hands of the skilled kitchen chefs in conjunction with a selected wine list, offer our guests a journey into flavor.

The particularly accurate service adds a touch of refinement and elegance.

The menu is completed with dishes suitable for guests with special needs due to intolerances, allergies or careful diets prescribed by our specialist doctor.


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Main restaurant

The restaurant of the Hotel President plays an important role within the structure and expresses our philosophy because it contributes to optimizing the programs dedicated to well-being, not only referring to our magnificent thermal waters.

The restaurant staff will therefore be happy to suggest solutions that are able to capture the attention of the most refined palates, guaranteeing a product that is absolutely recommended for our health.

Our chefs are constantly dedicated to the preparation of high-level dishes with a varied selection of food and wine products from our Euganean Hills, giving a perfect balance between taste and aesthetics to each proposal. At the same time our guests can be delighted with captivating and flawless diet recipes, thus combining sublime flavors with simplicity.


"Il Glicine" (Pool Restaurant)


The bistro in the pool area is a charming and informal place.

It is the ideal place for those looking for an alternative solution to the main restaurant, in total relaxation, where you can still try the pleasure of excellent dishes.


As a couple, alone, with family or friends you can spend pleasant moments by the pool, having a refined and tasty lunch while still being able to follow a diet program.


Taste and shape


The diet menu of the main restaurant of the Hotel President Terme is a reality with unique characteristics of its kind, because it manages to perfectly combine the search for taste with needs and benefits.


The goal pursued through the skills of expert chefs is to achieve the right personalized meal plan. Their ability to combine high quality ingredients with those that are the parameters to follow for a correct diet, allows them to offer the public impeccable dishes from all points of view.


Hotel President Terme 5 | Abano Terme | ❤ Our rooms

❤ Our rooms

The decor simplicity, the colors, the stylistic choices in the use of materials and the composition of the room allow you to stay in a pleasant and embracing universe.
Hotel President Terme 5 | Abano Terme | ♕ Our Restaurant

♕ Our Restaurant

The dining room, charming and elegant, is the perfect setting for lunches and gala dinners in Abano. It offers a great selection of gourmet menus, full of typical elements of the well-mixed Venetian tradition with international dishes.